Think only the uber-wealthy need estate and trust experts? Not necessarily …

Oh, it’s a common misconception. I hear it from clients, people I know and even strangers all the time. “I don’t have that kind of wealth. I’ve made my brother or my best friend of 40 years or my accountant my Executor. I know them, I trust them, they’re perfect. It’s fine.”

And if your estate is straight forward and requires little more than distributing funds to your beneficiaries, you could be right. But if you’re worth at least $1 million, and yourRead More »

The Boy Scouts think you should “Be Prepared”. So do we.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there.

And I suspect that you’d probably be surprised to learn just how many people believe that having a plan, an RRSP, a portfolio of investments, a Will and even an advisor means that their financial houses are in order.

A good start, perhaps.  But definitely not enough to ensure your future financial well being; or that of the loved ones you leave behind.

Important as it is to accumulate as much wealth as possible your main objective should be
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