An epiphany, thanks to a total stranger

Austin Repath is an author, a philosopher and a former Humanities professor. He recently had an article — which really made me stop and think — published in the Globe and Mail. In it, in the form of a letter written to a young woman — a stranger he met — he reflected on the lessons he’s learned in his long life.

He starts off providing some context for this letter. He was in a coffee shop when a “twentysomething” started to talk to him. While it may not seem unusual on the face of it, it’s certainly not every day that you Read More »

Investing isn’t only about the numbers …

There’s no question that every investor, myself included, has the same goal: to make sure we have enough to fund our dream retirement, to see us through to the end of our days; and, also, to leave something behind for those we love.

Which is where Investment Advisors come in, to offer sound, objective advice based on knowledge, experience and skill — ours and the experts and specialists who are part of the extended team.

What’s interesting, though, is that when we consider our relationships with our Advisors, we tend to Read More »