Wealth Is More Than Material

I have been blessed with three wonderful daughters. The eldest was married a couple of weeks ago and it was a magical day — one I will always remember and cherish. It’s a big deal when you walk your child down the aisle, knowing you’re about to step aside, leaving her and her soon-to-be husband to begin their life together.

The significance of the moment really put things — put life — into perspective. And, as I looked around Read More »

An epiphany, thanks to a total stranger

Austin Repath is an author, a philosopher and a former Humanities professor. He recently had an article — which really made me stop and think — published in the Globe and Mail. In it, in the form of a letter written to a young woman — a stranger he met — he reflected on the lessons he’s learned in his long life.

He starts off providing some context for this letter. He was in a coffee shop when a “twentysomething” started to talk to him. While it may not seem unusual on the face of it, it’s certainly not every day that you Read More »