An Investment You Can Really Feel Good About …

It’s human nature.  We all like to do well.  Who wouldn’t?  But it’s equally important, and so gratifying, to do good.  To share our good fortune.  With those who aren’t as blessed or, with any of the deserving not-for-profit organizations and charities we care about.

Obviously we want our gifts to make as positive an impact as possible.  To truly change the lives, for the better, of those less fortunate.  To make the seemingly impossible, possible for Read More »

A Smart Way to Start off a New Year

What better way to approach a new year, than by reflecting on what we did right — and even more importantly — what we did wrong, or could have done better, in the past?  

In other words, by looking for lessons we can take with us into the future.  So we avoid making the same costly mistakes over and over again.  Good advice, not only about life inRead More »